Silicone PSA Manufacturer in China

As one of China's most experienced silicone pressure sensitive adhesive suppliers, XJY Silicones offers the best pressure sensitive adhesives solutions with professional skills and affordable prices.


Our silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are an excellent choice with good anti-aging ability, good resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance, and good bonding ability for various adhesive tapes and labels. And there are different index specifications to meet the individual application needs of each customer.


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Benefit from the following manufacturing advantages:

1. Pre-production samples for all orders before production starts

2. Free packaging services

3. Precision manufacturing on branded CNC equipment

4. Experienced engineers to monitor the entire production process

5. Stable after-sales service

6. 24-hour warehousing service and logistics support

7. Wholesale and retail experience

8. Quality control, including raw material incoming inspection, process intermediate product inspection, finished product factory full analysis inspection

9. Invest more than 12% of sales in R&D each year


Our silicone PSAs can be used in different tape applications

XJY-301/302 series silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives is colorless and transparent viscous liquid, XJY-302 silicone PSA series are the silicone adhesives of the platinum catalyst system.

Performance properties

  • Excellent high and low-temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance, UV aging resistance, weathering resistance
  • Good bonding ability, good adhesion properties in PI, PET, paper and many substrates surfaces
  • Good adhesion to low surface energy materials, such as silicone rubber and Teflon materials
  • High peel adhesion without residue after peeling, can be used for protection tape, etc.
  • Non-toxic, environmental protection
  • No stimulation and no harm to the human body

Various applications

  • For high heat resistance applications: heat resistant tapes, masking tapes for electrical equipment/plasma/solder
  • Bonding to various surfaces: Silicone release paper splicing tape, silicone rubber/fluoroplastic/polyolefin tape
  • Electronics industry: Mica tape adhesives, electrical insulation tapes
  • Low reactivity to living organisms: Skin contact applications - Medical tapes
  • Clean removability and transparency: Protective films for optical applications

Melamine tape

PET film

Medical tape

High temperatures green tape

PTFE tape

PI tape

Fiberglass cloth tape

Protective films


XJY Silicone SPA instructions for use:

XJY-301 Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

  • Recommend the use of catalyst Bis(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl) peroxide, BPO (benzoyl peroxide), the amount of catalyst used 2-3%
  • Keep the temperature of solvent evaporation below 120℃ to ensure the minimum decomposition control of catalyst and complete solvent evaporation, otherwise, the tape will produce pores and affect the performance of adhesive.
  • Catalyst preparation concentration 10%, use as soon as possible after preparation, otherwise the solvent will have consumption on the catalyst and affect the catalytic effect
  • The curing room can be appropriately increased to ensure that the catalyst decomposition is complete, otherwise the tape is easy to produce white gel material, if BPO is used as the catalyst, the decomposition of the catalyst not completely decomposed will produce a small amount of carbon dioxide gas, the formation of pores, affecting the performance of the tape

XJY-302 Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

  • The solid content of glue can be adjusted according to the coating thickness, generally it is recommended to use ethyl acetate and dilute to 20-35% solid content.
  • After the glue is prepared, it should not be stored for too long to avoid the reaction of the glue during storage.


Product Question

What is the MOQ of Silicone PSA?

What is the MOQ of Silicone PSA?

For our existing regular in-stock products, the MOQ starts from 1 piece.

If you would like to customize a product with a specific specification, please contact us to determine the MOQ.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Of course, we are happy to provide our customers with a substitute shipping service.

We also offer a courier service with different prices and delivery times depending on your needs.

Your order will be delivered quickly and safely. Our professional team will also help with any urgent.

What is the sample fee?

Samples up to 1KG are free of charge, and shipping costs are paid on delivery.

For a large amount of sample cost, please contact us to discuss.

What’s the packaging for your Silicone PSA?

XJY-301/302 Silicone PSA series can be supplied in 190KG or 200KG internally coated open iron drums. If you have special requirements, we can negotiate for customization.

What is the lead time for production?

For our existing regular stock products, we usually need 7-15 days, the lead time may be longer for higher quantities, depending on the actual delivery date of the factory.

For custom products, please contact us to determine the exact lead time.

Do you provide warehousing services for my product orders?

We offer a professional 24-hour monitored warehousing service for every customer.

What are your payment terms?

For samples, 100% T/T in advance.

For orders: 50% TT in advance, 50% balance before shipment

For large long-term orders, please contact us to discuss payment terms.

How long do your silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives last?

We use high-standard raw materials to produce silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product is valid for 12 months from the production date under the original unopened package, and the storage temperature is 25℃ and below. If the storage period is exceeded, the product should be retested and can still be used if it meets the quality requirements.