What is Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a two-component system, where long polysiloxane chains are reinforced with specially treated silica.


Injection-molded liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a new type of silicone rubber material that is non-toxic, odorless, self-bonding and self-lubricating, has excellent weather resistance and chemical inertness, and is one of the high-grade silicone products that have been developing rapidly in recent years. This kind of silicone rubber's own viscosity is low (before vulcanization has certain liquidity, indeterminate), can use metering mixing equipment to feed, using special liquid injection molding process and molding machine to mix the two components, injection molding, and then fast vulcanization, form molding products.


XJY Silicones manufacture silicone oil and silicone resin (MQ resin, VMQ silicone) for liquid silicone rubber application. We can provide professional service to fill your demands.



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1. Pre-production samples for all orders before production starts

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8. Quality control, including raw material incoming inspection, process intermediate product inspection, finished product factory full analysis inspection

9. Invest more than 12% of sales in R&D each year


Properties and Advantages

1. Fast curing speed, usually divided into heat cure and room temperature cure, the fastest curing process is completed within a few minutes.

2. Good fluidity can be easily covered in molds or gaps, and the covering efficiency is very high.

3. Corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

4. Liquid silicone rubber has superior electrical properties. The insulation capacity is very strong, and the electrical insulation performance is not affected at high temperatures, which is better than most organic rubbers.

5. Excellent mechanical properties and can be adjusted. According to the degree of vulcanization, adjusting the adjustable parameters in the formula can achieve different mechanical strengths to meet the request of different application scenarios.

6. At the same time, Liquid Silicone Rubber has excellent transparency, which is suitable for scenes that require transparency.

7. Excellent tear strength, flexible and adjustable.

9. Strong yellowing resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance, and has a higher service shelf life in extreme environments.



Whether rain sensors or plug connectors in the automotive sector, optical pulse measurement, or baby pacifiers, medical devices - liquid injection molding parts made of liquid silicone or liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) have a broad range of applications. These LSR materials have been around for a full 30 years.

Rain Sensors

Plug Connectors

Optical Pulse Measurement

Baby Pacifiers

Medical Devices


Liquid injection molding silicone rubber and traditional materials have many advantages: short molding cycle, high degree of automatic molding, low vulcanization temperature, no by-products in the vulcanization process, high precision products, no trimming, long product life, etc. It has become a popular synthetic rubber material and a substitute for high-grade applications.


The special material properties of liquid silicone are only cured by cross-linking. Interestingly, LSR is always applied where conventional and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) reach their limits. LSR also has very good resilience properties, high heat resistance (partially over 180 °C), low-temperature flexibility (down to about -50 °C), high electrical insulation properties, tensile and re-break strength, and is also physiologically harmless.


These material properties, single coloring, and the ability to combine with various metals and plastics have made liquid silicones popular for a wide range of applications. This is coupled with the increasing number of material types. For example, in addition to the various Shore hardness standard types, there are types for medical technology, oil resistance, thermal permeation of oil, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, rapid cross-linking or adhesion modification types, and types made from fluorinated silicones.


The advantages of silicone rubber are gradually being discovered, replacing many other materials in medical, baby care, smart wear, automotive, aerospace, and other fields.


Product Question

What is the MOQ?

For our existing regular in-stock products, the MOQ starts from 1 piece.

If you would like to customize a product with a specific specification, please contact us to determine the MOQ.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Of course, we are happy to provide our customers with a substitute shipping service.

We also offer a courier service with different prices and delivery times depending on your needs.

Your order will be delivered quickly and safely. Our professional team will also help with any urgent.

What is the sample fee?

Samples up to 1KG are free of charge, and shipping costs are paid on delivery.

For a large amount of sample cost, please contact us to discuss.

What’s the packaging?

XJY-8205/8206 resin series: 25KG cupboard drums.

XJY-8205M/8206N solution series: 25KG plastic drums or 200KG iron drums.

XJY-701/702 silicone oils: 200KG iron drums.

XJY-705 1,3,5,7-Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane(D4H/TMCTS): 40KG and 180KG drums.

XJY-706 1,1,3,3-Tetramethyldisoloxane (TMDSO): 40KG and 130KG drums.

XJY-711 Hydride Terminated Methylhydrosiloxane: 190KG drums.

What is the lead time for production?

For our existing regular stock products, we usually need 7-15 days, the lead time may be longer for higher quantities, depending on the actual delivery date of the factory.

For custom products, please contact us to determine the exact lead time.

Do you provide warehousing services for my product orders?

We offer a professional 24-hour monitored warehousing service for every customer.

What are your payment terms?

For samples, 100% T/T in advance.

For orders: 50% TT in advance, 50% balance before shipment

For large long-term orders, please contact us to discuss payment terms.