Phenyl Trimethicone (PHENYL MODIFIED FLUIDS)


Phenyl Trimethicone, also known as polyphenylmethylsiloxaneis a derivative of silica, which is a natural component of quartz and opal. Phenyl Trimethicone is a kind of silicone liquid. Silicone is a compound. Its main chain is composed of repeating units of siloxane. The elements of siloxane are silicon and oxygen. Siloxanes can also be called polysiloxanes. Silicon is the 14th element in the periodic table and the second largest element in the earth's crust after oxygen. In contrast, silicone is always produced by synthesis.


Phenyl Trimethicone is a white phenyl substituted silicone oil. It is used in cosmetics and personal care products to formulate a variety of products such as makeup, skincare and haircare, which helps to improve the texture and smearability of the formula.


XJY-056 Cosmetic Grade Fluid for personal care products was known for its high refractive index which improves shine gloss and better softness to hair care products, non-oily and easy to spread emolliency in skincare products, and good anti-stick, anti-tack, and compatibility with cosmetic ingredients.





Product Name

Phenyl Trimethicone

Phenyl Trimethicone

And Dimethiconol


Colorless clear liquid

Colorless and light

yellow clear liquid

Viscosity (25℃, mm².s )



Refractive Index



Flash pointclosed cup



Specific gravity (25℃)








1. Non-oily feeling

2. Film forming

3. Water repellency

4. Softness and silkiness

5. Spreadability and compatibility




XJY-056 Phenyl Trimethicone can be applied to

1. Haircare (Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Styling products): In hair care products, Phenyl Trimethicone makes the hair easier to comb and has heat resistance during perm dyeing. It can also enhance the appearance and feel of the hair by increasing the volume, softness or shine of the hair, or by improving the texture of the hair damaged by physical or chemical treatment.

2. Deodorant & Antiperspirant: Phenyl Trimethicone is also used in antiperspirants to provide non-oily "emollient and anti-whitening properties".

3. Color cosmetic (Shimmer eye make-up, BB cream, Extended wear lipstick, Clear lip gloss): In cosmetics, Phenyl Trimethicone increases gloss for lipstick, Lip Glaze and lip gloss. In terms of skincare, Phenyl Trimethicone acts as a sealing and conditioning agent, helping to improve the smooth texture, skin touch and spreadability of the product. Phenyl Trimethicone is easy to emulsify, provides washing resistance for sunscreens and increases SPF, provides a non-greasy emollient effect under the premise of being waterproof, and makes the skin evaporate naturally through a soft invisible film. Phenyl Trimethicone also slows down the loss of skin moisture by forming a barrier on the skin surface, helping to absorb moisture on the surface of the skin and lock it in the skin, giving the skin a hydrated and dewy appearance, thereby bringing some additional benefits to the skin. Due to its high viscosity, Phenyl Trimethicone is one of the silicone ingredients suitable for dry skin.

4. The last function of Phenyl Trimethicone is as a defoamer in cosmetics and beauty products. Even if the product is shaken, the composition can inhibit the formation of foam and reduce the tendency of foam when the product is shaking.



What about the hair is rough and dry? XJY-056 Phenyl Trimethicone to help you!

XJY-056 Phenyl Trimethicone is a hot-lightening anti-curl film former in the hair care industry. It provides smoothness in hair care, unique heat resistance and growth. Brightness protects your hair from burns and increases surface gloss during hot dyeing. Our editors quietly tell you, really does not block the pores!



Why is Phenyl Trimethicone used in cosmetics and personal care products?

Silicone can improve the touch, appearance and performance of skincare and cosmetic formulas. Silicone has low surface tension, can easily diffuse on the skin surface and form a protective barrier, so as to alleviate skin redness and irritation.   Therefore, phenyl poly three methyl siloxane can be used as a silicone class for moisturizing cream, foundation, conditioner and concealer to reduce friction and smooth application.

Phenyl Trimethicone is usually used to enhance the texture of products. It helps to improve the product's silky feel on the skin, but it also reduces the viscosity and greasy feeling of the cream and lotion. In addition, Phenyl Trimethicone can evenly distribute the active components on the skin surface. Phenyl Trimethicone is drier than dimethylsiloxane (another common silicone used in skincare products), so it is very suitable for formulas that should not be sticky or sticky.  

Phenyltrimethylsiloxane is also used as a skin and hair conditioner because it can increase hydration. It can be easily applied to the skin and hair to form a nongreasy and nonsticky invisible film to prevent the loss of surface water. Although this film will prevent water evaporation, it will not hinder the passage of oxygen, nitrogen and other important nutrients. Eventually, this will make the skin and hair moist and smooth.


The film formed by Phenyl Trimethicone can not only protect the skin from water loss but also prevent water penetration. This feature can be used in the formulation of sunscreen products. In addition, Phenyl Trimethicone can help dissolve the UV filter and increase the sun protection factor or SPF of the product.




200kg drum. Packaging options are available upon request.



XJY-056 Phenyl Trimethicone is suitable for storage in a dry and cool environment.



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