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Focus on Production of Silicone Products

XJY Silicones focus on the R & D and production of silicone materials and polymer materials. A series of breakthrough and subversive silicone materials have been developed through continuous R & D investment in the fields of silicone resin synthesis, special silicone hydrogen R & D, and composite materials.

  • Zero defects
  • Continuous production line
  • Accordance with ISO9001
  • Eco-friendly
  • The largest, most stable, and continuous 1,1,3,3 - Tetramethyldisiloxane (TMDSO) supplier





VMQ Silicone resin








As a silicone China manufacturer, no matter what application you want, based on our extensive experience, we can give professional solutions. In particular, some of our products support customize, which makes your final product better than the vast majority products on the market.

Why Choose Us?

Our silicone resin and silicone oil have ISO9001 certificate, and we have 30+ years of experience in making silicone polymer products are eco-friendly, and we use the most advanced technology to produce.

Strength advantage

Special silicone industry has been cultivated for more than 30 years

Technical advantages

Top expert team, strong independent R&D ability;

Invest more than 12% of sales in R&D each year.

Production advantages

Extract samples for all production;

Advanced technology and production line;

Advanced awareness of product renewal.

Quality advantage

Raw material incoming inspection;

Process intermediate product inspection;

Finished product factory full analysis inspection.

Why Choose Us

FAQs About XJY Silicones

XJY Silicones has been wholesaling silicone products for 30+ years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

What is the MOQ?

For our existing regular in-stock products, the MOQ starts from 1 piece.
If you would like to customize a product with a specific specification, please contact us to determine the MOQ.

What is the capacity of your MQ silicone resin?

MQ resin powder line Capacity: 200 tons/m
VMQ silicone resin powder line Capacity: 100 tons/m

Do you offer delivery service for silicone resins?

Of course, we are happy to provide our customers with a substitute shipping service.
We also offer a courier service with different prices and delivery times depending on your needs.
Your order will be delivered quickly and safely. Our professional team will also help with any urgent.

What is the sample fee?

Samples up to 1KG are free of charge, and shipping costs are paid on delivery.
For large amount of sample cost, please contact us to discuss.

What kind of packaging is used for MQ resin and VMQ silicone resin?

Resin powder is usually packed in 25KG cardboard drums.
Liquid is packed in 200KG iron drums.
More products please find in the detail webpage.

What is the lead time for production?

For our existing regular stock products, we usually need 15-30 days, the lead time may be longer for higher quantity, depending on the actual delivery date of the factory.
For custom products, please contact us to determine the exact lead time.

Do you provide warehousing services for my product orders?

We offer a professional 24-hour monitored warehousing service for every customer.

What are your payment terms?

Please contact us to determine payment terms.

How long is the service life of your silicone resin?

We use high standard raw materials to produce silicone MQ resin and VMQ silicone resin, which usually last for 1 year in unopened condition under indoor ventilation and dry conditions.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides.

I would like to know more?

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