The Application of Silicone PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

1. Industrial Application

Silicone PSA can bond low surface energy surfaces due to its good resistance to high and low temperature, chemical resistance and low dielectric properties. This makes the silicone PSA tape widely used in industrial production in the form of splicing tape, electrical tape, plasma spraying tape, machining tape and so on.


2. Electrical Application

Silicone PSA and its tapes are generally used in the production and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB). This requires pressure-sensitive adhesives not only to withstand high temperatures (270°C for a short time), and bond moist low surface energy interfaces but also to have lower dielectric properties. Since Silicone PSA has good resistance to high-temperature damage and cohesion, it will not remain on the protected surface when it is torn off after high-temperature treatment. Using PI film or textured paper as the substrate, coating cured silicone PSA, mainly used in the wave soldering, reflow soldering and soldering process of PCB circuit boards to shield and protect the gold fingers, as well as some electronic components Insulation.


3. Electronic equipment

Silicone PSA is widely used to prepare protective films for various electronic industries, providing comprehensive protection for the transportation, manufacturing and use of precision components. In the field of wireless charging, pressure-sensitive tapes help to bond, fix and protect the module at receiving end and the transmitting end so as to make it play an energy-efficient role. In the display field, the optical pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to bond various optical materials inside the screen to maintain optical transparency under high temperature and high humidity conditions to ensure the clarity of imaging.  Due to the high price of many smartphones, it becomes more and more important to protect their high-quality screen from scratch and impact in use. When the mobile phone leaves the factory, the manufacturer generally sticks a layer of film on the surface of the screen to prevent damage to the screen caused by scratches and bumps in the process of transportation or sale. The silicone PSA has a wide range of applications in this thin and tough protective film. The protective film is usually a multilayer "sandwich" structure, and the specific properties of each layer of adhesive depend on its structure and chemical composition. Among them, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer plays a key role.


4. Silicone release paper

In essence, silicone oil release paper can be regarded as a very thin layer of silicone rubber coating on the paper, and the silicone PSA has good adhesion to it. The release paper splicing tape is made of silicone PSA, which can be used to connect the broken ends of the previous roll and the next roll in the production process of the release paper, thereby reducing the number of downtimes and changing the paper, and improving the production efficiency and batch stability.



5. Other Application

Medical silicone PSA has developed rapidly in recent years. Because of their non-toxic, non-irritating, physiologically inert, wide temperature range, suitable adhesive strength and drug permeability, they have been widely used in medical and percutaneous treatment system preparations.


Silicone PSA can be used as surface protection tape for automobiles, airplanes, mechanical parts, building reinforcement boards, household appliances, wood products, glass products, and plastic products. It can also be used for the wiring of transformer coils and electrical equipment.


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