Why is medical grade silicone rubber so popular?

In medical clinics, we often see various types of silicone products and accessories, such as medical silicone tubing, blood oxygen monitoring finger pads, breathing silicone masks, silicone plugs for needles, silicone cords for tying on hands, etc.

At present, the most widely used in the medical device industry, in addition to drugs, and medical device applications. So why are medical-grade silicone rubber parts so popular?

  • Silicone rubber can be used as a medical polymer material Silicone
  • rubber products are particularly widely used in the medical field
  • Medical-grade silicone rubber has excellent characteristics that ordinary silicone does not have


The following will explain each of them



Why silicone rubber can be used as a medical polymer material?

Medical polymers refer to polymer materials used in medicine and are an emerging discipline between modern medicine and polymer science. It is an inanimate material used for medical purposes in contact with living tissues and has the ability to diagnose, treat or replace tissues and organs in the body and enhance their functions. It involves a variety of marginal disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biomedical applications, biology, pathology, medicine, blood transfusion, etc. Medical-grade silicone rubber is one of the important varieties of medical polymer materials.

1. Silicone rubber is a very good-performance medical material

Consistency rubber (HCR) including general-purpose HCR for extrusion and molding and biomedical HCR utilized in long-term implantable applications. High-consistency rubber HCR medical grade high-consistency rubber is used in drug-eluting systems, liquid silicone rubber lsr, and medical grade LSR for healthcare applications. It has a lower material cost than other materials, allows for multiple components, and has great practicality, is not easy to reject reactions, will not be harmful to the human body, and biological adaptability is good, and safety is comparable to food-grade silicone.

2. Silicone rubber products have very good medical characteristics

Colorless, non-toxic, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, softness, transparency, and other characteristics, silicone products can solve some medical problems and human health problems, to meet the medical role of patients.

3. It is the material of choice for making various medical elastomer products

With coagulation properties; toxicity test results in line with medical requirements; good biocompatibility in clinical applications, no teratogenic effects, no allergic reactions; excellent toughness and elasticity, good processing performance, processing methods (platinum cured, injection molded, etc.) excellent wear resistance, soft touch, high elongation, moisture resistance, resistance to a variety of chemical properties.

4. As silicone rubber has the above characteristics

Suitable for making various shapes of tubes/sheets and other products, so silicone rubber is currently the most widely used medical polymer material, can basically meet the different requirements of a class of materials, and the amount of its use in a continuous and steady growth trend.

Silicone rubber products are widely used in the medical field

1. Currently, the two most widely used materials in medical devices are silicone rubber and polyurethane

Polyurethane has excellent biocompatibility, excellent mechanical properties, easy to mold and process, and controllable performance. Silicone rubber products have excellent physiological inertness, good biocompatibility, and other advantages. These two materials have long been discovered in medicine and are constantly being noticed and studied by the industry.

2. Silicone rubber products are based on high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane

Adding certain special ingredients and processing according to certain process requirements to make a rubber-like elastomer with certain strength and elongation.

3. Excellent characteristics 

Medical grade silicones used for medical equipment have a series of excellent characteristics such as heat resistance, anti-oxidation, hydrophobicity, flexibility, permeability, high aging transparency, good physiological inertia, non-adherence to human tissue,  and blood, good biocompatible, non-toxic, tasteless, non-carcinogenic, etc.

Medical grade silicone rubber has excellent characteristics that ordinary silicone does not have

1. Reasons for concern

As a high-performance medical polymer material, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of professionals in the rubber industry and the medical field. The reason is that the use of silicone as a medical material's main constituent has high technology content, low cost, high added value, and considerable economic benefits.

2. The medical properties of silicone rubber can be used to solve many medical problems

The main difference between conventional silicones and medical-grade silicones is the curing system used. However, many medical problems can be solved using the medical properties of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber products are widely used, and easy to high-volume production by silicone product manufacturers, with good social and economic benefits.

3. Looking at the trends in the development of silicone rubber for medical applications

Its use is increasing year by year, and the scope of application is expanding. Currently, medical-grade silicone rubber can be used in various fields, such as neurosurgery, ENT, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, etc., broad range.

4. As a high-performance biomaterial, silicone rubber has received a lot of attention from the industry in the rubber and medical fields

At present, from the development trend of medical grade silicone rubber products and the demand of the medical industry device market, different product categories and science and technology are being expanded and improved. It is believed that more silicone rubber products will be put into various medical fields in the future to meet the needs of different patients!

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Silicone polymers and silicone compounds made by VMQ material can provide wide temperature range resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, compression set resistance, UV radiation resistance, and other physical properties. And it does no harm to human bodies, therefore, it can be applied in the automotive industry, medical, and food industry.

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