Silicone Surfactants In Agriculture

What are the main reasons for the poor control effect of foliar fertilizer and drug spraying?

For fertilizers (foliar fertilizers), medicines (insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators) with poor application effects and unsatisfactory control effects, in the final analysis, it is because these fertilizer solutions can not be well wetted, adhered to, and penetrated the leaves and insects after being applied to crops, weeds or pests. And it even can not fully be covered on the target completely(such as the pests hidden in the bottom of the leaves or the crevices of fruit trees), causing the loss of fertilizer solution due to evaporation, photolysis, rain washing, incomplete coverage of the liquid medicine, and less effective drug components absorbed by leaves and insects, so the effect of spraying fertilizer will be greatly reduced. In addition, most plant leaves, pest bodies, and other surfaces have a self-protective waxy layer, which will hinder the penetration of the liquid medicine, making it more difficult to prevent and control the liquid medicine. These are the main reasons for the poor effect of fertilizer and pesticide spraying.


How to improve the effect of fertilizer and medicine?

While choosing targeted drugs for correct use, add some drug activation synergists! At present, there are various types of synergists on the market, and their effects are different. When spraying fertilizers on the leaves or using drugs to prevent pests and weeds, adding some synergistic additives can well improve the adhesion and penetration of the liquid medicine. To achieve the purpose of improving the effect of fertilizer use.  And a commonly used and efficient drug synergist - agricultural silicone surfactants.


What are silicone surfactants? What are the characteristics and advantages?

Silicone surfactants are emerging with the development of new organosilicon materials in recent years. Because it has the characteristics of super activation, adhesion and expansion, low toxicity and easy decomposition, high water resistance stability, and wide compatibility, it is used in all walks of life. It is also the most commonly used high-efficiency pesticide additive in agriculture. Whether it is to prevent and control pests, chemical weeding, or spray foliar fertilizer or plant growth agent, adding an appropriate amount of silicone in the process of preparing fertilizer solution can reduce the amount of water and medicine, improve the control effect, and play a significant role in the process of agricultural management and planting.


Different from other common drug synergists or surfactants, silicone surfactants have lower surface tension, lower contact angle after use, stronger diffusion spreading, adhesion permeability, wettability, temperature resistance, and rain erosion resistance, and can be used in combination with most of the fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers on the market, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of various liquid medicines.


In addition, the silicone surfactant has a strong expansion function. After spraying on plant leaves or insects, the liquid medicine can quickly and evenly spread to the entire target surface, and it can also penetrate into the pathogens and diseases on the back of the leaves or the crevices of fruit trees, making the coverage area of the solution wider and more uniform, so that the amount of liquid medicine absorbed or penetrated by the leaf and the surface of the insect body is larger, and the control effect is more significant. It can reduce the frequency and cost of drug use and save more than 30% and 50% of drug and water consumption, respectively. For example, when spraying a chemical solution added with silicone surfactants, as long as a few drops of the chemical solution stick to the leaves, the chemical solution can spread to cover the entire leaf; if it is sprayed directly with water there is no such effect.



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