Silicone Baby Products

Children of different ages have different childhood growth experiences and toys to accompany them, and children’s growth toys of different ages have different concerns. Remember that the wooden molar rods and textile bib pockets went through a long time with the post-90s and post-00s. Today’s babies and toddlers are completely different from the children of that era. Silicone baby products have become the main essential daily necessities for modern children. From the current trend, the silicone baby products on the market are gradually covering every family. In the future, each child's growth companion items will also include silicone materials, so it is very important to choose the quality of the product.


At present, soft rubber materials are basically used in children's products in Western countries, and silica gel has become the most children's material. The production process of silicone baby products is special. which is molded by high-temperature molding at about 190 ℃. Therefore, for high temperature and long-term use at room temperature, there will be no aging and shortening of life. In the production and processing of silicone baby products, the most important things are to control the appearance of the product, keep the product clean, and from black spots, impurities and burrs. On the other hand, control the softness and resilience of the product, and use reasonable machine conditions to prevent the product from softening and embrittlement!


Silicone products have become one of the most commonly used materials for children because it has too many excellent features to replace other materials products. First of all, for babies, safety is the most important. Babies are fragile and cannot have any toxic side effects. Silicone products have excellent safety. The raw materials are customized with high polymer environmentally friendly silicone materials so that the silicone baby products made by it are non-toxic and tasteless. Besides, it doesnt irritate the skin and can reach food grade for not causing discomfort when contacting with children's skin.



Secondly, compared with plastic, the advantage of silicone baby products lies in softness. Babies like to put things in their mouths and bite them, and they also need to grind their teeth during the teething periods. Therefore, silicone baby products need to have high tear resistance and need to use soft bottles and nipples. The soft silicone material will not harm infants, making children safer, and can also be used as a drop-proof function.


In addition, in terms of color and appearance, silicone baby products can make different patterns and colors to attract children's attention, and infants and young children can use it safely and happily, not to worry about early eating problems.


Everyone has heard of silicone baby bottles. Silicone baby bottles are made of liquid silicone. It does not contain BPA and will not break. It has excellent transparency, tear strength, good resilience, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance, and weather resistance. When manufacturing, the transparency of the product is very high. The chemical composition and physical structure of silicone make it difficult to be replaced by other similar materials: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, and stable chemical properties.


When it comes to performance, what are the differences between silicone tableware and plastic materials?


First of all, plastic materials are easy to melt when exposed to high temperatures, and crack when exposed to low temperatures, and will age and discoloration when exposed to climatic influences, which may cause certain harm to infants and young children.


As silicone baby products, silicone material is currently one of the dominant products in the daily necessities industry, and also one of the most popular products in Europe and the United States. Under normal circumstances, the silicone baby products processed by regular silicone products manufacturers can withstand high temperatures without peculiar smell, with good soft resilience, anti-fall, and anti-damage, can be used boldly.


XJY Silicones

XJY Silicones is a new enterprise for silicone resin innovation and R&D, with more than 30 years of experience in the silicone industry.


We manufacture and customize the XJY-8206 VMQ resin series that can be applied to the Silicone Textile. Our manufacturing, R&D, and sales services obtained the ISO9001 certificate.